Photo studies



Aldeburgh Beach (Suffolk UK)


The old fish shop Thorpeness (Suffolk UK)
Cowparsley – Thorpeness (Suffolk UK)
Red Admiral butterfly on Nettles – Aldeburgh (Suffolk UK)
Pebble Beach – Aldeburgh (Suffolk UK)
Aldeburgh to Thorpeness footpath (Suffolk UK)
Reflections – Aldeburgh Parish Church – Aldeburgh (Suffolk UK)
Beach art (artist unknown) Aldeburgh (Suffolk UK)


Limestone walls – Citadel – Gozo (Malta)


Graffiti – Citadel walls – Gozo (Malta)


Valletta City Gate – Valletta (Malta) Architect Renzo Piano

Wild Carrot

Wild Carrot

I have discovered that this plant is Wild Carrot and I have been watching it evolve over the spring and summer, taking photos while I am out walking my Border Terrier.

I live close to the coastal salt marshes in North Essex. This area was famous for its oysters and the photo below shows the long redundant oyster beds in the background. This area may not be regarded as beautiful in comparison to some areas of the UK, but it is an important area for our birds, plants and wildlife.  I love watching it change colour over the seasons, from its Dickensian bleakness in the winter, to a lush haven for birds in the summer.

Seed head forming
Early July

These photos were taken at the beginning of July, the flower heads looking like fireworks, a mass of tiny white flowers.

18th September

At high tide the old oyster beds fill with sea water. There are a few old wrecks of boats lying in the creek partially submerged. The Wild Carrot plant is now brown and the seed heads are clamped together holding the seeds inside like a cage waiting for the right moment to be dispersed.

They are quite amazing, the hundreds of seeds waiting to be given the opportunity to become a new plant next year.

Reed beds and old oyster beds flooded with sea water at high tide.

Home by the sea

These photos were taken at Martello Beach, Clacton on Sea.  I walk Bella my dog on this beach because its a quiet sandy beach.  I walk from the Martello tower towards the notorious Jaywick which has the most lovely beach in contrast to the village which is one of the most deprived areas in the UK.


Bladderwrack seaweed brings back childhood memories of beachcombing and trying to pop the pods on this strange plant.

Oyster shell on the beach

I was amazed by the colours of this oyster shell partially submerged in the sand on the beach.  The colours are so beautiful and bright amongst the browns of the sand and grit.


Bird feather on the beach

I don’t know which type of bird this feather comes from but it was a lovely grey colour with little yellow marks on the edges.