Recording and capturing continued

1.4 Lines and edges

Silk damask stays


In this drawing exercise I have tried to simplify my drawing to show the structure and feel of the garments without too much detail.  As I haven’t been able to touch or see the garments out of the exhibition, I have had to use a little imagination.

A quick line interpretation of the back view of the stays

Bust bodice

Here I have looked at the Dorset button and tried to simplify my drawing. I have used charcoal so I can soften the image by smudging the lines.



An experiment with two pencils taped together as this garment is made up of parallel lines of bobbin lace and crochet.

1.6 Detail and definition



I have looked closely at the bobbin lace and the buttonhole work on the brassiere, the bobbin lace forms a framework or mesh which gives the garment flexibility. Both of these give interesting patterns which I have enlarged in my drawings.


The edges of the stays are bound with tape, during wear the tape has worn and frayed and produced this interesting feature.  On the garment the red silk is showing between the frayed edges of the cream tape.

drawing taken from the pattern on the silk damask stays

There is a floral pattern on the damask silk of the stays but it is very difficult to see.  I have made a sketch with the aid of a magnifying glass in my sketch book then I have redrawn and enlarged it.  Here I have crosshatched with a fine ink pen.